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Saving Your Liberty And Career When You Face Medicare Fraud Charges

Medicare fraud can threaten not only your liberty but also your career. If convicted, you could serve years in prison, lose your license and be prohibited not only from billing Medicare, but working for any health care provider that bills Medicare (almost all), even if your role has nothing to do with billing.

For more than 35 years, I have provided outstanding and reliable criminal defense counsel for the people of Houston, Harris County and throughout Texas. My clients have included doctors, nurses, administrators and other clinic staff members. If you face federal charges involving Medicare fraud, I have the experience to defend you aggressively.

A Board-Certified Specialist With Proven Results

Medicare fraud cases are immensely complex due to the vast number of regulations that govern health care billing. It is critical that you hire a lawyer who is highly experienced in Medicare fraud cases. In my decades of practice, I have gotten charges reduced or gotten sentences reduced for a variety of cases involving:

  • Upcoding, unbundling and other forms of over-billing
  • Billing for unnecessary or nonexistent services
  • Kickbacks
  • Collusion or conspiracy

The federal government spends years on an investigation before it even brings charges. If it has formally charged you, the authorities likely have convincing incriminating evidence. Do not give up hope and do not speak with any law enforcement officers without a lawyer.

Seek Defense Counsel Immediately

Work with me at The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky to protect your rights, your career and your freedom. To schedule an initial consultation about my defense counsel, please call my law office at 713-987-3902 or send me an email.

Medicare Fraud Cases Handled:

  • Represented numerous corporations and individuals in investigations of alleged Medicare fraud involving hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Was able to obtain a sentence of probation for a woman that ran a home health care agency and admittedly defrauded the government out of $847,000. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines called for a sentence of 46-57 months.