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If you believe you are under suspicion of bank fraud, you need an experienced and skilled lawyer that understands federal law. The government aggressively investigates cases of potential fraud, and the penalties for such crimes can be severe. Whether you have been arrested or anticipate a charge, a Houston bank fraud lawyer should be your first call.
houston bank fraud lawyer

When you work with The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky, you can trust my courtroom experience. I have experience defending a wide range of white collar crimes and fraud, including bank fraud. My clients have the advantage of knowing they are working with someone who understands the complexity of fraud cases and knows what to expect. I believe that those accused of criminal actions deserve to have every opportunity for their defense to be maximized, and I do what I can to make that happen.

What Things Might Be Considered Bank Fraud?

Bank fraud is a broad category of crimes that generally involve seeking financial gain through means that involve deceit or manipulation of financial institutions. Some of the activities that could potentially result in bank fraud charges include:

  • These charges involve using electronic communication to cause funds to be sent from individuals and organizations on the basis of deceit and false pretenses.
  • Loan Fraud. Misrepresentation and lying about financial details on an application so that you may be able to secure a loan or mortgage is a serious form of fraud. Mortgage fraud may seem victimless, but the government considers it a crime.
  • Check Fraud. Purchasing, depositing, or otherwise seeking financial gain with checks that are counterfeit, stolen, or altered can lead to serious charges.
  • Credit Card Fraud. It’s illegal to use someone else’s credit card or debit card for transactions without their permission to do so.
  • ATM Fraud. It’s illegal to use a process like card skimming or ATM phishing to unlawfully acquire funds and information, which is often later used in identity theft or some other form of fraudulent transactions.
  • Identity Theft. Accessing accounts, opening accounts, and making financial transactions on the basis of stolen personal information, such as someone’s address, passwords, or Social Security number, is considered identity theft.
  • Forgery. This involves defrauding a bank through the use of documents and signatures that are falsely created or altered.
  • Phishing and Online Schemes. These are schemes that are designed to coerce financial transactions or the revelation of important personal information through fraudulent online schemes.

What Are the Penalties for Bank Fraud?

There are a variety of factors that are considered when a court makes its sentencing decision. This includes things like the sentencing guidelines for the particular crime, the impact of the crime, whether or not the Defendant is a repeat offender, and the scale and organization of the scheme.

Fraud lawyers will generally be able to give you a better idea of the specific penalties that may apply in your case, but some of the potential penalties for these crimes include:

  • Imprisonment. The prison sentence involved in a bank fraud conviction will be based on the sentencing guidelines for the specific type of fraud and a judge’s assessment of the relevant factors. In the case of serious violations, it is possible that the Defendant could receive decades of prison time.
  • Probation. For first-time offenders of crimes that aren’t as serious as others, it’s possible that probation may be used to reduce or even replace a period of imprisonment. While this severely limits the actions and activities of those on probation, they are at least able to avoid a time in prison.
  • Community Service. A certain number of community service hours could be added to any potential criminal sentence.
  • Fines. There is a broad range of potential fines based on the particulars of the case; however, fines are often included, even in cases where a prison sentence may be replaced with probation and community service.
  • Restitution. Restitution is mandatory to compensate the victims of the fraud.
  • Asset Forfeiture. Any assets that were gained or purchased as a result of some kind of fraudulent activity, including bank fraud, may be forfeited to the government.
  • Civil Penalties. Civil penalties may apply in addition to criminal penalties. .

In addition to the criminal and civil impact of a criminal conviction, it’s important to recognize that there are also a number of potential impacts beyond the legal realm that can reach into several areas of your life. These come largely as a product of having a criminal record.

For instance, a criminal record for bank fraud could negatively impact your career, particularly when it comes to seeking any kind of position that involves access to finances or sensitive information. It can also impact things like educational opportunities, finances, and even your personal life. With so much on the line with a possible criminal conviction, it’s absolutely critical that an impactful defense is made in your case.

What Can a Houston Bank Fraud Lawyer Do for Me?

For those charged with a bank fraud crime, a Houston bank fraud lawyer and law firm, like The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky, can be critical to ensuring that a formidable defense is made on their behalf. As my clients’ legal representative, I will take on a number of vital roles to ensure that they are properly defended.

Your Rights and Defense

One of the most important things that a lawyer does is defend their clients’ rights. Regardless of whether you are being investigated or have even been already charged, you have certain protected rights that prosecutors cannot ignore. These include things like the right to remain silent and to avoid self-incrimination. You also have a right to be free from unlawful searches and seizures. These searches can be particularly crucial to bank fraud cases, so it’s important that those rights are observed.

If you are charged with a bank fraud crime, putting together a strong defense on your behalf begins with an investigation. I will look closely at the circumstances that surround the charges you face for evidence that could be helpful in putting together your defense.

In planning a defensive strategy for you, I make sure that whatever approach I take is one that takes the most advantage of the evidence available. There are a variety of potential defensive strategies that I might implement, but it’s most important to remember that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. Establishing a case with enough reasonable doubt might mean a case never goes to court.

What Happens If Your Case Goes to Trial

Depending on your situation, the right defense may mean that you won’t face any future penalties, and your case is dropped. In other situations, a plea deal may mean the most optimal outcome.  Because I have been on both sides of the aisle, I can anticipate the prosecutor’s strategy and work to get you a fair result.

The process of executing your defense begins before a trial. There are a series of pre-trial hearings and opportunities to submit various motions. If I can find sufficient grounds to argue for a dismissal of the case, I will make that argument.

However, it may also be possible to target particular key pieces of evidence and make the case that they shouldn’t be allowed into the trial. If enough vital pieces of evidence are disallowed, it’s even possible that the prosecution’s case could be so weakened that they choose to drop the charges altogether.

A Houston Bank Fraud Lawyer Can Make a Strong Defense on Your Behalf

If you’re facing charges of bank fraud or even just being investigated, it’s important that you have a strategic defense. The impact of a conviction could be significant and leave you in a situation where you face fines, jail time, and consequences beyond the law. The situation can often feel overwhelming when you consider the weight of what you’re up against. However, the right attorney can offer a defense to ensure a just outcome where your rights are protected.

With the help of a Houston bank fraud lawyer, like The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky, you can be sure that a formidable defense that fits the specifics of your case will be executed. If you are facing bank fraud charges and are looking for someone to represent and defend you, contact the Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky  today.



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