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Each case has its unique facts and circumstances. Therefore, it is impossible to say whether similar results may be achieved
in your case as in the cases set forth below.


I was charged with conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud. The government alleged a loss of $847,000. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines calculated an advisory Sentencing Guideline Range of 46-57 months imprisonment. At sentencing, Mr. Kuniansky spoke eloquently on my behalf and a compassionate Federal Judge listened. I received a sentence of probation with a condition of 6 months of home confinement. The Federal prosecutor was not pleased. She read to the Court a long list of the extremely severe sentences received for healthcare fraud in the Southern District of Texas. The prosecutor claimed there was only one case she was able to find where the defendant received a sentence of probation, and that was because the defendant was dying of cancer. The Judge was not swayed. Mr. Kuniansky was highly attentive and responsive throughout my case. If you are under investigation or charged with Medicare or Medicaid fraud, I would highly recommend Mr. Kuniansky as an attorney.


Many years ago, I was charged with misappropriating a large sum of money. Although I foolishly did it, which I very much regret, I was amazed at the harshness of the Federal system. One morning, I awoke to a Federal S.W.A.T. team with shotguns banging on my door. Had they called me on the phone and told me to turn myself in, I would have gladly done so. I was then thrown in jail. The government sought to detain me without bond, claiming I was a flight risk. That was completely absurd. Nevertheless, the Magistrate-Judge bought into the government’s nonsense and ordered me detained without bond until trial. I hired Mr. Kuniansky to represent me. He worked tirelessly over the Christmas holidays appealing my detention order to the District Court Judge, and was successful in getting me released. He ultimately negotiated a very fair plea bargain on my behalf. I would highly recommend him.


I was under investigation by the I.R.S. for income tax evasion. The investigation was initiated by an individual with whom I had a falling out. The allegations were completely unfounded. I retained the services of Mr. Kuniansky. In a short period of time, he was able to get the investigation killed. It was nevertheless a frightening experience and I’m grateful for the services he provided.


I was charged with Income Tax evasion dealing with income in foreign bank accounts, some of which was not reported. Mr. Kuniansky, with the help of a C.P.A. he retained, was able to establish to the government that the amount of income I failed to report was substantially below the amount the government alleged. This resulted in my Federal Sentencing Guidelines being substantially lower. Moreover, Mr. Kuniansky filed an excellent Sentencing Memorandum with the Court setting forth why I was deserving of a below Guideline sentence. The Judge agreed and sentenced me to a fair sentence below the Federal Sentencing Guideline range. Mr. Kuniansky worked extremely hard on my case and I would highly recommend him.


Many years ago, I was indicted for several counts of bankruptcy fraud and lying to an FBI agent. I was innocent, but that didn’t seem to matter. Mr. Kuniansky represented me and tried the case before a jury. He was an outstanding lawyer, and tore the FBI agent to pieces, showing that her version of what happened could not have been true. I was acquitted of all charges. I would highly recommend him.


I was under investigation for filing false tax returns for 4 years. I admit that I was guilty and made foolish mistakes. I hired Mr. Kuniansky to represent me. He was able to negotiate a very favorable plea bargain, and notwithstanding the fact the Federal Sentencing Guidelines called for a period of imprisonment, I received a sentence of probation. I was very satisfied with the professional services rendered by Mr. Kuniansky and would highly recommend him.


I was under investigation for criminal antitrust violations. Although I was guilty of colluding on prices, my involvement was far less than that alleged by the government. I retained the services of Mr. Kuniansky early on in the investigation. He was able to convince the government that my involvement was much more minimal than what they were alleging. This resulted in a much lower Federal Sentencing Guideline range. In addition, he was able to convince the Court to give me a below Guideline sentence, for which I am very grateful.


I was charged with laundering a large amount of cash. The government alleged that on multiple occasions I accepted large sums of drug proceeds in my lawful telecommunications business. I hired a lawyer with an excellent reputation to represent me. After reviewing the government’s discovery, he advised me to plead guilty. I refused to plead guilty because I was not guilty. I began looking for a lawyer that would fight my case rather than plead me out. I was referred to Mr. Kuniansky. He said: “If you want a trial, you are entitled to a trial.” We proceeded to trial and he did an outstanding job in defending me. I was eventually acquitted of all charges.


The IRS investigated me for several years, claiming that I had committed tax fraud by not reporting my income from the sale of an international business. In actuality, the IRS’ own rules said the income was not taxable. However, that didn’t stop them from investigating me all over the world for years. They finally threatened to indict me. Mr. Kuniansky represented me in the investigation. He brought in an international tax expert to prepare a position letter that the gain was not taxable. He methodically and concisely prepared my case. He then met with government lawyers and convinced them not to indict me. I was never charged. I would highly recommend Mr. Kuniansky in criminal tax matters.


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