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Conspiracy charges involve two or more people making an agreement to defraud the U.S. government or break another federal law. Successful completion of the crime is not necessary for the government to charge someone with conspiracy. A conviction can carry a sentence of 5 to 30 years in federal prison depending on the charge.

At The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky, I have more than 35 years of experience defending clients from charges of federal conspiracy.

Cohesive White Collar Counsel That Makes A Difference

Federal authorities do not bring conspiracy charges against someone unless they feel confident that they have substantial incriminating evidence. To stand a chance at challenging them successfully, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney. Many conspiracy charges coincide with other alleged white collar criminal activity. As a lawyer who has defended and prosecuted thousands of white collar cases, I can represent you if you also face charges of:

As a former federal prosecutor, I have seen how the other side puts together its cases – and how to anticipate its next moves. This also means that I know which defense strategies have the best chance of getting acquittals, dropped charges, reduced sentences or reduced charges.

Protect Your Future, Today – Make A Consultation

You need The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky for counsel when you are up against federal conspiracy charges. Contact me at 713-491-6717 or send me an email to schedule an initial consultation. I will evaluate your case and discuss potential strategies.

Representative Conspiracy Cases:

  • As an Assistant United States Attorney, prosecuted a California businessman for conspiracy to violate the Arms Export Control Act by supplying Lockheed] Aircraft (C-130’s) and midair refueling equipment (to convert C-130’s into KC-130’s – midair refueling tankers) to Muammar Gaddafi to extend the range of the Libyan Air Force; Conspiracy involved several hundred millions of dollars of aircraft. Received top secret clearance and worked closely with the CIA and DIA. Also worked under the Classified Information Procedures Act (“CIPA”). See U.S. v. Elkins, 845 F.2d 775 (II Cir. 1989). Lead defendant sentenced to 15 years and ordered to pay a fine of $6,600,000, which was the largest fine imposed in Georgia history at this time.
  • Represented a defendant in a major drug conspiracy in Federal Court in Houston. Through cross-examination of the DEA Agent at the bond hearing, was able to cast sufficient doubt in the government’s case that they dismissed the charges and he was immediately freed from custody.



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