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Answering Your Questions About Tax Fraud Charges

I’ve been representing people facing tax fraud charges at Federal Criminal Defense Law Firm for more than 40 years and hear a lot of similar questions from my clients about their cases. The answers to these questions are often helpful in understanding why you’re under investigation, how to maneuver your interactions with the IRS and what the consequences could be if you’re found guilty.

Why am I facing tax fraud charges?

You face tax fraud charges when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) believes you’re dishonest about your income and assets when filing your federal taxes. They may accuse you of things like:

  • Making false deductions
  • Taking tax credits you don’t qualify for
  • Underreporting your income
  • Hiding money or assets in offshore bank accounts
  • Submitting a tax return with incorrect information

It’s important to take these accusations seriously. Give me a call at Call today. I can help you develop a robust defense against the charges you face.

What do I do if the IRS shows up at my door?

You may learn about your tax fraud charges when IRS agents knock at your door. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure you:

  • Ask for their credentials: All legitimate IRS agents carry a certified badge that proves they work for the agency. If they don’t show it to you immediately, ask them to show you their badge.
  • Don’t answer their questions: If the agents start questioning you about your tax activity, don’t give them any answers without an attorney present. You can invoke your 5th Amendment rights to protect against self-incrimination. In your criminal tax fraud case, these agents can use anything you say against you.
  • Ask for a contact card: Legitimate IRS agents should also have an individual agent card with their name and contact info. Take this card and tell them that your attorney will contact them soon.
  • Contact your attorney: As soon as the IRS agents leave your property, call an attorney immediately.

Every step you take in this process can profoundly affect your case.

What are the penalties for tax fraud charges?

If you are found guilty of federal tax fraud, you can expect to pay steep fines to the IRS. Depending on the circumstances, you could end up paying up to $100,000. Additionally, while the IRS cannot imprison you for tax fraud or evasion, a federal court can.

My husband committed tax fraud without my knowledge. Am I still liable?

Those unaware that their spouse committed tax fraud on their joint tax return may be able to apply for innocent spousal relief. However, claiming and obtaining innocent spousal relief can have many bureaucratic obstacles.

Call my Houston office today at Call, and I can help you determine if you qualify.

Having The Right Knowledge Can Lead To A Stronger Defense

The IRS and the federal government can be challenging adversaries in tax fraud investigations. By knowing how to approach these charges and understanding their consequences, you can better defend your rights and protect your freedom.

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