When The Fraud Charges Are Serious Federal Criminal Defense Law Firm Should Be Your First Call

When The Fraud Charges Are Serious Federal Criminal Defense Law Firm Should Be Your First Call

I am attorney Richard Kuniansky. I have more than 40 years of federal courtroom experience both as a federal prosecutor and as a defense attorney. I am a leader in felony fraud defense, including wire fraud, tax fraud, Medicare fraud and more.

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Over 40 Years Of Trial Experience

Since I began my career in 1978, I have gone to trial on countless occasions. I worked for seven years as a federal prosecutor. Since becoming a criminal defense attorney in 1987, I have helped hundreds of clients fight investigations and prosecutions against them. My insider understanding and wealth of experience means I am prepared for even the most difficult of cases.

The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky

Focused On Fraud

I choose to focus almost exclusively on criminal cases involving fraud. This limitation means I can offer my clients detailed and specific information on their case and their options. I understand the nuances of federal fraud charges, including the information and evidence necessary to prove the charges, how to highlight the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and judge’s approaches to sentencing.

The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky

Paying Attention To The Details

In cases involving tax fraud, Medicare fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and similar allegations, the small details can make a big difference. I understand exactly how the law tracks your money, what they look for to indicate criminal activity and how to effectively use the details to combat the charges you face.

The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky

Industry Recognized Service

My lengthy record of success and dedication to my clients has led to several industry awards and recognitions. I hold an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Houstonia Magazine named me a top criminal defense lawyer in 2019. I am in the five percent of Texas lawyers honored with a SuperLawyers recognition. (2004, 2020-2023). Super Lawyers is a rating service of Thomson Reuters of outstanding lawyers who have maintained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.

The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky


I have successfully resolved countless cases through favorable plea bargains and have been working with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines since they went into effect on November 1, 1986. Innumerable clients of mine have received highly favorable sentences as a result of favorable plea bargains and a thorough understanding of the highly complex Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

An Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney In Houston

Each case has its unique facts and circumstances. Therefore, it is impossible to say whether similar results may be achieved in your case as in the cases set forth below.

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You Need A Different Kind Of Defense Attorney When It Comes To Federal Fraud Cases

When it comes to creating a strong defense for fraud cases of any sort, attorneys need a unique skill set. After decades of working in the federal courts, first as a prosecutor and now as a defense attorney, I can break down the charges you face and develop a strategy that anticipates the prosecutor’s next steps. I can deftly navigate the complexities of financial investigations and protect your freedom. The biggest advantage prosecutors have is access to resources and knowledge. I use my extensive experience to even the playing field.

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Your Situation Is More Serious Than You Think

When federal prosecutors bring a felony charge, they are almost always certain that they have the evidence they need to get a conviction. Moreover, they are trusting in that knowledge as a means of intimidation. Your next move needs to be thoughtful and well considered.

I do not give up without a fight, and I do not sugarcoat the options. I know how prosecutors think, and I use this insight to give you frank and honest legal counsel.

Hear From My Clients

I was charged with laundering a large amount of cash. The government alleged that on multiple occasions I accepted large sums of drug proceeds in my lawful telecommunications business. I hired a lawyer with an excellent reputation to represent me. After reviewing the government’s discovery, he advised me to plead guilty. I refused to plead guilty because I was not guilty. I began looking for a lawyer that would fight my case rather than plead me out. I was referred to Mr. Kuniansky. He said: “If you want a trial, you are entitled to a trial.” We proceeded to trial and he did an outstanding job in defending me. I was eventually acquitted of all charges.
– L.N.

Many years ago, I was indicted for several counts of bankruptcy fraud and lying to an FBI agent. I was innocent, but that didn’t seem to matter. Mr. Kuniansky represented me and tried the case before a jury. He was an outstanding lawyer, and tore the FBI agent to pieces, showing that her version of what happened could not have been true. I was acquitted of all charges. I would highly recommend him.
– R.B.

I was under investigation by the I.R.S. for income tax evasion. The investigation was initiated by an individual with whom I had a falling out. The allegations were completely unfounded. I retained the services of Mr. Kuniansky. In a short period of time, he was able to get the investigation killed. It was nevertheless a frightening experience and I’m grateful for the services he provided.
– D.N.

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Mr. Kuniansky represented a large automobile dealer in Texas who was indicted for wire fraud in a scheme alleging he moved automobiles across state lines to avoid the payment of inventory taxes. After a 1 week trial, he was acquitted of all charges.
Mr. Kuniansky represented an attorney in Federal Court in Montana who was charged with wire fraud and money laundering for allegedly laundering a drug dealer’s drug proceeds into a large ranch in Montana. After a 2 week trial, he was acquitted on all counts.
Mr. Kuniansky represented an attorney who was tried in Federal Court in Houston for
wire fraud, alleging that he used his law office to defraud insurance companies in a large scam involving fake automobile accidents and injuries. The jury returned a verdict of 10-2 in favor of not guilty, and the government elected not to retry him.

Time Is Of The Essence

Tax Fraud