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The unique and charming capital of Austin is a vibrant city, the heart of Texas governance, as well as home to an array of prominent business enterprises. Like any other major city, it also sees its fair share of criminal proceedings, including those that occur at the federal level. If you’re facing federal charges in the Austin, TX, area, an Austin federal criminal defense lawyer can serve as an invaluable ally for protecting your rights.

The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky has an extensive track record of success navigating challenging federal cases on behalf of clients from all backgrounds, including in high-profile cases and with a special emphasis on so-called white collar crimes. Founding attorney Richard Kuniansky’s background in the realm of prosecution additionally gives our team a unique advantage in predicting–and countering–prosecutorial strategies.

Austin Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

How an Austin, TX Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

At The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky, we’ve seen many different types of federal cases in our decades of successfully practicing the law. As such, we have developed a reputation around the Austin area and beyond for our ability to respond to such charges swiftly and effectively on behalf of our clients. The various types of federal cases we can help defend against include:

  • RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) – RICO cases are often high-profile affairs that involve complex, multifaceted allegations of organized criminal activity. These investigations are aggressive and well-funded, calling for a sophisticated and powerful defense strategy.Our team excels at handling these intricate and consequential cases, countering aggressive federal prosecution tactics, and working diligently to get charges reduced or dismissed.
  • Conspiracy – In order to convict on conspiracy charges, federal prosecutors need evidence of both an agreement to commit a crime as well as specific actions taken towards that goal. We will identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence in an effort to question or disprove criminal intent or activity, ultimately undermining the conspiracy charges.
  • Fraud – Our firm is also well known in Austin, TX, courtrooms for our success in defending against various types of fraud charges. The legal landscape surrounding fraud is diverse, with various offshoots like wire fraud, mail fraud, and securities fraud, each requiring its own legal strategies to navigate effectively.
  • Insider Trading – Successfully defending against insider trading charges demands a very particular set of legal skills and tools. An effective defense attorney for such cases must have a complete understanding of the many complex topics that exist at this unique intersection of finance and federal law. Our unquestionable acumen in this area ensures the appropriate defense to protect your professional reputation and personal freedom.
  • Embezzlement – The crime of embezzlement can take many forms, from a low-level worker accused of skimming a cash register right on to the highest-ranking government officials misusing public funds for their own gain. In some forms, embezzlement can be difficult to distinguish from fraud or theft. Federal charges, as one might expect, tend to be reserved for the most serious embezzlement cases.The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky can develop and employ comprehensive embezzlement defense strategies that protect your rights and ultimately minimize the case’s impact on your life.
  • Money Laundering – Federal money laundering charges can carry extremely serious criminal penalties in addition to the likely forfeiture of the allegedly laundered funds. We can provide an end-to-end defense against these charges, challenging the prosecution’s evidence and protecting your rights and your legally obtained assets.
  • Tax Evasion – Taxes themselves can be intimidating and confusing due to the complexity of our nation’s tax laws. The same is even more true for tax evasion cases, considering the potentially severe penalties on the table for making mistakes when filing your taxes. We can use the unique details of your tax situation to build a compelling argument and demonstrate a lack of criminal intent behind tax errors.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive; many other types of federal criminal cases exist. If you are facing federal charges in Austin, TX, or the surrounding areas but do not see your charges listed above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office for assistance. Our knowledge of federal law is vast, and we’re ready to put our high-end legal skillset to work for you.

Defending Against Federal Criminal Charges

When an individual faces a federal criminal indictment, the stakes are extremely high, with their reputation, their future, and their freedom all on the line. Federal convictions have far-reaching repercussions and can also have lengthy prison sentences attached.

Persons accused of federal crimes require the services of a top-tier federal criminal defense lawyer if they wish to avoid or mitigate these consequences. Richard Kuniansky, founding attorney at The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky, is proud to be exactly that sort of attorney for the people of Austin, TX.

Navigating a federal case as a defendant and coming out the other side of proceedings unscathed is a daunting challenge that requires highly strategic planning. These cases can be extremely difficult because federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents are well funded, given leeway to pursue charges aggressively and go to work with the full authority of the United States behind them. This formidable opponent must be met with a world-class legal strategy of your own.

Your federal criminal defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky can help by:

  • Thoroughly analyzing the details of your case and using them to build a custom defense strategy.
  • Helping find the available evidence and testimony and effectively implementing it into your overall defense strategy.
  • Reviewing every aspect of the prosecution’s case to identify weaknesses or flaws that can be exploited.
  • Effectively cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses and casting doubt upon their reliability when this is a viable strategy.
  • Ensuring all technical details are met throughout the duration of the legal process, such as proper filing of paperwork and meeting various court-imposed deadlines.
  • Being available to answer your questions throughout all phases of the legal process and fully explaining all of your rights and options.
  • Assertive, proactive representation–not only in the courtroom but also at the negotiation table in the event that you should choose to work collaboratively with prosecutors to resolve your case.
  • Fight diligently until your case is resolved with the most favorable outcome possible.

Every federal criminal trial tells a unique story, and that’s why we believe there are no simple, “one size fits all” answers in this high-profile, high-stakes realm of the law. At The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky, we use the specific details of your case–as well as our individual goals as a client–to inform a bespoke, one-of-a-kind strategy that will get the most favorable results in court.

No matter what sort of federal trial you’re facing, we’d be pleased to have a confidential discussion to see if we can help.


Q: What Makes a Crime a Federal Crime?

A: A federal crime can refer to any case where criminal charges are filed and prosecuted by federal rather than state-level authorities. Many different categories and levels of crimes can potentially end up in federal court, depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Typically, federal cases are reserved for more serious crimes.

Q: What Do Federal Prosecutors Do?

A: Federal prosecutors perform many activities both in and out of court in the interests of prosecuting federal crimes. Federal prosecutors are well-trained and have the full resources of the nation’s criminal justice system at their disposal. Effectively defending against their tactics in court may require the services of trusted and well-qualified federal criminal defense attorneys.

Q: What Is the Most Common Argument of a Defense Attorney?

A: The “most common” argument of a defense attorney is not a statistic that is tracked in any database or resource that we are aware of. The arguments used by effective defense attorneys will be tailored to the specific details of each case. An attorney who defaults to making the “most common” argument–rather than the one that fits the situation–is unlikely to be effective against aggressive federal prosecutors.

Q: How Much Does It Cost for a Lawyer to Represent You in Court in Texas?

A: The cost of having a lawyer represent you in Texas will vary based on many factors, such as the type of case, the complexity of your situation, your specific legal needs, local rates and market trends for legal services, and the billing practices of the attorney you choose to work with, as well as your lawyer’s reputation and overall quality. It’s sometimes most effective first to find a lawyer you want to work with and then reach out to them directly to discuss billing.

The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky – Austin’s Proven Choice for Federal Criminal Defense Services

Federal charges are extremely serious business, but at The Law Offices of Richard Kuniansky, so is your future, your reputation, and your freedom. Our commitment to results is demonstrated by over four decades of success practicing the law on behalf of real Texans just like you. Contact us today to set up a consultation and allow our deep understanding of federal law to pave the way to a better tomorrow.



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